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As your partner in I.T. services and infrastructure, we value your data as much as we value your company. It is an integral part of every business, small and big alike, where utmost security is required and efficiency and secrecy is of high importance. To help you manage your data and infrastructure in this challenging I.T. world, we provide the right solution for your business.

Private Cloud Storage

Store your data in your own cloud infrastructure. Thus, private. This is to ensure that your very sensitive information that is supposed to be shared internally and among identified individuals is secure and protected from prying eyes.

With RHITS private cloud solution, you can access your data using any internet-capable devices such as desktops in the office, laptops, or smartphones.


Reduce your I.T. costs on software licensing and infrastructure to a whooping *87% bundled with the toughest security with very minimal maintenance. This is through using the Linux Terminal Server Project providing thin client support to Linux operating systems.

This solution is proven to reduce your IT costs, no licensing costs for the software. This is known as the diskless computing so hardware costs and maintenance costs are also reduced considerably.

Document Management System

Nowadays, businesses and organizations produce piles of documents, images and other form of information electronically. Locating these files in office computers is a tedious and counter productive task. With RHITS DMS solutions, we will help you build a central file and information repository that is readily accessible and searchable.

The solution has a web-based interface where you can collect, collaborate and share documents across the company with a high grade permission control so that confidential documents will be accessed only by the right people.

Intranet Portal

In today's internet world, you can transform your business organization into a web-enabled community. Using your browser, the intranet portal will enable you to create, attach, store and collaborate documents, manage events and calendars, discuss, post helpful multimedia presentations, and many others.

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About Rockhopper I.T. Solutions

About Rockhopper I.T. Solutions

We are a consulting and I.T. solutions provider based in the Philippines. We specialize in Datacenter Management (infrastructure design and support), Web Technology (website design, re-design and development), and Business Solutions (software and enterprise systems).

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We exist with a purpose. With an ultimate goal of helping our clients become competitive in the marketplace - in their respective industry, we offer top-notch I.T. services and solutions that are vital in today's cyber-centric business.

Datacenter Management
Infrastructure design and support

Web Technology
Corporate web portals; website design, re-design and development

Business Solutions
Software and Enterprise Systems