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Why you need a website

In today’s business world, fast and efficient communication is of utmost importance for companies to stay competitive.  This not only involves the internal communication between company staffs, but most importantly, communication with the consumers in the outside world.

In the advent of the Internet technology, almost all information is readily available in the web. Information includes individual persons, places, events, and businesses. Name it, the internet has it.

More and more people and businesses use the Internet to find information since it is convenient and time-saving and the information is highly accessible globally at all times. Thus, for small and medium sized businesses to thrive in today’s highly competitive business world, launching an online presence through a professionally designed and interactive website is no longer an option – but a requirement.

Keeping abreast with technology and using the internet as a marketing tool will be a wise business decision regardless of the size of your company. And a website is the basic internet tool that your company needs.

Benefits of a Website

A website for a company means an excellent move for profitability and a one-time investment that affects future efficiency. In a nutshell, corporate website:

  • Increases awareness of products and services. A good website provides the opportunity to publish the who, what, where, when and why of your business in a most powerful and effective manner.
  • Expands the market place. A website can expand your reach to a market sector that may have been difficult or expensive to reach through traditional advertising. Increasingly, people search the Web rather than the Yellow Pages when looking for a service or product.
  • Increases hours of operation. Not only will your website be there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the possibility of reaching millions of people every day, but now your customers are able to contact you outside of your normal business hours. Your website is still working for you while you are at leisure or asleep.
  • Serves as an effective marketing tool which replaces or complements existing sales and marketing channels. It's a very low-cost method of promoting your business. By advertising your website, in addition to your product or services, you give potential customers the opportunity to learn far more about your product or services than you could ever place in an ad.
  • Reduces costs and improves efficiency. Corporate website reduces publishing costs since brochures and manuals and other “usually printed media” can be placed downloadable online. It also reduces marketing costs since advertising your URL like is cheaper than advertising on billboards or fixed dimension print ads. Lastly, it reduces communication costs since costumers’ needs for info and documents can be readily available using document download or emails rather than sending through fax or courier.
  • Builds and establishes branding. Build brand awareness by having your website URL on all other marketing material you use. Having your brochures, website, business cards, ads, posters, etc... Having the same look and feel increases your brand awareness.
  • Enhances your corporate image – it reflects your spirit. A website can help you to establish a credible, professional image, instilling a level of trust with your customer and boosting their purchasing confidence. Your website can (and should) reflect the spirit and vision of you and your company.
  • Improves customer service. Does your staff spend a lot of time on the phone answering customer requests for information on a product or service? Do they keep answering the same questions and sending out the same material? Do they spend a lot of time on the phone with customer support? Your website can help reduce long distance phone bills, postage costs, printing costs and labor costs (and frees them up to perform other tasks) by having that information posted on your website.
  • Boosts Efficiency. Email can improve efficiency of your operation - for your customers and your employees. Customers who use email don't have to deal with many problems of everyday business: pushy salesmen, remembering to call during business hours, having to battle crowds to get to your stores, spending time waiting on voice mail or getting the wrong information. It's convenient, easy, and safe for the customer.
  • Provides holistic information. Even without an online store, people can look to your site for driving directions or a map to find your store. Many people use the Internet to find information. You can use your website to educate and inform the public. This can be done in various ways: publish an online newsletter, have an advise column, offer message boards, or simply have a place where people can submit their names and email addresses to join your mailing list for more information. This is another way to gain public awareness of your business or organization. It also allows you to grow your customer base for direct marketing.
  • Creates a competitive advantage. If your customers can't find you online, they will find your competitors. With more and more companies making a web presence, the companies that lose business to their competitors will most likely be those who fail to represent themselves on the Internet. If a potential customer can leisurely browse your company information online but cannot find your competitors' information, your company now has an additional edge.
  • Opens new channels of communication with staff, partners and suppliers. Intranet websites (websites that are generally closed to the Internet users and are accessible to organization members only) are an easy way to provide your employees with a way to reach the information they need to perform their duties in one centralized location. You can post benefits information, changes in staff, kudos for hard work, a place for their schedules, and much more. You can put as much or as little information as you want on your site and make them supply a password to access the information that needs to be kept private.


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